02 September, 2009

What is happening?

What is happening?

The forum has been dull for some period and I have waited for good news to come from some angles but none … I am still waiting .

We welcome everyone back from the long vacation.

Personally, I returned after some months of ‘partial’ absence to meet lots of confusions, many questions and few answers in the community which has the Nigerian Embassy or KINGDOM (as it has been recently baptised) on one side and the community on the other side.

Can an informed member enlighten us on some of these:

1. Why did the Nigerian community get a police authority to have a protest march to the Nigerian embassy Rome ?

2. Why was the Protest march cancelled?

3. Another protest is being organized, who is behind it and why?

I suppose these three questions may lead to most of the recent info in the community.


We are waiting,

The Moderator


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Okpara,
Thank you for the light on the problem between the community and the Embassy or kingdom as it is called by the community since the New Ambassador came in to run it as a kingdom and no more as a mission representing a country and her people. It is very unfortunate.
It is really very unfortunate that the gap between the Nigerian community and the mission in Rome which the late Ambassador Wabara tried to close has been widened more by the new Ambassador 'The PRINCE.’ By the creation of classes, high bureaucratic and overbearing protocols in everything. I do not mind sycophants who would rise now to defend or attack me …it is their right but the truth is glaring in the community.
Running a 21st century diplomatic mission is different from ruling a kingdom; we in Italy deserve better treatment from the min of external affairs Abuja; Apprentice kings may have their chances elsewhere.

The Nigerian communities especially the Rome community are also a part of the problem. They have never been serious in demanding for anything because of the poor level of organizational ability within her ranks. The planned protest by the officials was or is ill-timed because of the immediate incident prompting it. There were and are still other negligencies of the mission which can be adduced as reasons for a protest and not to demand vehemently for the embassies intervention in a ‘passional murder’ involving a Benin woman and her Italian lover.
Meanwhile the Edo community that worked day and night for the protest because their member was the victim ‘backpedalled’ on the last meeting day because nothing should embarrass ‘The Prince’ and his Palace in Rome.
Then which way are we going?
Alfred E.

Okey.Chukbyke C. said...

Bro Charles,
Good morning to you and to all our forum members. I want to respond to your questions. Now nothing is happening as regard to what you wanted to know here. Well, the fact was that Dr.Willy Akubuo and some people wanted to organize a protest march against the Nigerian Embassy in Rome three weeks ago for their iresponsibility behaviour towards their nationals in ITALY. So while they were trying to organize this rally , some one hinted the embassy of the plan and as the meeting was on going, embassy ministers entered and a dialogue was held and agreed and subsequently the protest was cancelled even though a communication had been sent to the QUESTURA. Now, the embassy is trying their best to assist Nigerians in risolving their problems and will pay for the girl that was murderd by the Italian man.
Have a good day,
Dr.Christian OKPARA