06 July, 2019


Ruga Settlements in the South? ­čś│­čś│

The North controls almost 90% of Nigeria's landmass. Within the region exists the most reliable and consistent river systems (no drought recorded in over a hundred years!) that are suitable for all manner of irrigation cultivation and river channelling through vast fadama marshes.

In fact, you can drive for 150km within lush arable land in every state in Northern Nigeria without seeing appreciable human habitation or farmland.

Therefore, any conception or even thinking about thinking of establishing Ruga cattle stations in any part of the South (the most densely populated part of the entire African continent), will be the biggest act of betrayal since JUDAS!

For God's sake, how could anybody think of creating refugee colonies and manufacturing destitution on an industrial scale when with a good  investment in irrigation systems and all year hybrid grass cultivation,  Fulani herdsmen could be conveniently settled in their homeland?
This way, bovine culture and the dairy industry could be kick-started on a massive industrial scale  - at which point Southern merchants will pay through their noses to purchase the products, and for export too.

This is the surest way to lift the people out of poverty forever and stem the current crime wave.

Instead, here we are, allowing those without foresight to dictate the trajectory of discourse teetering on proposing to get land from someone who doesn't even have enough to live on.

In fact, with sustainable ranching practices, the entire population of Nigerian Fulani nomads cannot exhaust the unused arable land in the North West alone!
Who is doing this to the North for Allah's sake!!??