05 September, 2009


Dear ATM Card Holder,

Because of high rate of fraud,Central Bank Of Nigera CBN has decided to put extra security on all ATM Machine to secure you and your money while you use the ATM Cards for withdrawals.This measure will include an Email/SMS verification code which shall be send to your Mobile Number or Email addresses anytime your ATM Card is slot in to any ATM Machine.

As a result, you are required to Upgrade your ATM Card Informations to the new ATM Machine Code including your mobile number and email address where
verification codes will be sent.The new ATM Machine Verification codes will ensure you to have access and use of your ATM Card.Kindly assist us by filling the individual customer form,the form will be made available by clicking on http://cbnverificationonline2009.justfree.com/cbn.html

(Failure to Upgrade your ATM Card will result in ATM Machine rejecting your ATM Card,which means you will no longer be able to use your ATM Cards with any ATM machine) Be notified that all ATM Cards must be upgrade On or Before 15 August 2009.after verification and upgrading of your ATM card a 3 digit code will be sent to you within 48 hours either through phone or via email signifying that your ATM card has successfully been upgraded.

We Appreciate your prompt attention to this important message.

Mr.Tony Ede
Assistant Director,
Office Address:Tinubu Square,Lagos
Postal Address:P.M.B. 12194,Lagos.
Fax: +234(1)882 617

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Chukbyke.Okey,C. said...

Really, I do not answer these messages.
Most of them are from criminals and everyone have to be carefull or get into direct contact with his/her bank.