17 December, 2012

“Sullivan Chime is not dead” – Enugu State Government

gov-chimeContrary to the news making the rounds that the bed-ridden Enugu State Governor Sullivan Chime has joined the late Yakowa and others, Enugu State government Sunday, debunked the rumours, saying the governor is alive and healthy.
According to the State Commissioner for Information, Mr Chucks Ugwuoke, the rumour is from the pit of hell, as he described the news as unfounded.
According to Ugwuoke, the Governor is doing well and will soon return to the government house in no distant time.
It would be recalled that the Governor was said to have died at an Indian hospital on Saturday, after battling an undisclosed protracted sickness, a news many have referred to as the work of rumour mongers.


11 December, 2012


Nigeria ; a place where  whatever you say or  do  might become  ‘culture’ for  more than 160 millions  of  people. When did this ‘story’ of RED MEAT’ being the greatest health problems Nigerians have. Many people visible   anemic and deficiency of iron preach against red meat while ‘soaking’ themselves in bottles and bottles of beer etc.  Who will tell them that excessive beer is also bad to our health.
(By Chukwubike)