07 October, 2008


I think we should be trying to find ways to solve problems and not compound it. I am getting older and the older I get, the more I want real answers to some of the questions I have had since the 80s when I began to realize what was lacking in Nigerian towns.

I agree with the suggestion that we should talk about real issues facing our people. I think the biggest is lack of good medicine, the second is lack of infrastructure/technological advancement to compete in the global market place, and the third major one is the lack of love for other fellow Nigerians by those on top. If one really loves another as they love themselves, they will wish for that person to have what they have such as the good things in life. Jesus commanded us to do so. This is exclusive of tolerance for blatant sin or crime.

There are other problems but I will stay with the subject of medicine that I enjoy and because of my concern about health matters. I have heard of and seen several incidences that leave me wondering when a real solution is going to begin in medicine.

How do we begin to address the issues facing us and news we hear from home that are not always pleasant? Issues such as:
A relative died in a car crash. They said it was the work of witch craft. There was no ambulance to take her to the hospital. Why?
Another relative got involved in a car crash and broke his shoulder joint. They say it was the work of witch.

2 weeks ago, a nurse yanked off a new Born's arm from his shoulder during delivery, the mother thinks it is a broken scapula or shoulder blade, the husband is confused and thinks it could be both but they are both sure the arm is displaced from its socket. Up until now, 2 weeks later, in Lagos, the hospital has not called to checked on them. In the meanwhile, the child cries all day and night.

A cousin went to the hospital for stomach infection or something. The hospital refused him treatment because the mother could not come up with the money they were asking for at the time. He died.

4 of my male cousins were said to be sick of something at different times within the last 2-3 years. 3 from same parents and another from another, and they all died. The one that was in his teen years died earlier (a few years back), 2 were in their 20s and another in his 40s. The mother of the three boys sometimes wonders what really happened.
Another female cousin went to the hospital to deliver a baby and did not make it back. Similar situation was the case for my in law.

50% of the patients in the ward at Agbor, I hear, are amputees from Okada falls. They say bad luck followed them but I say it is from the bad roads and no means of transporting them quickly enough to the hospitals to salvage the limbs.
My uncle's wife tried to give birth to twins a few years ago and it was bye bye to her and the twins in the hopital.

One of my cousin went to fix a catarrach and came back with half past four eye. She was undoubtedly the most beautiful girl in my town until that happened. That led to low self esteem that led to other details I care not to give here.
There are several others like a woman with aids who gave birth t a child without AIDS but was allowed to breast feed her newborn until he got HIV and AIDS and died.
What can we do to provide better education for our doctors in Nigeria and medical technology with which they can work effectively?

People are afraid to visit Naija because most fo the people they know are dead. Can we change that for the junior ones coming up to make it possible to see their friends at age 70, 80, 90, and maybe 100?

Diseases are leaving a lot of our nieces and nephews orphans, fatherless or motherless. What does the future hold for these kids? Are they dying because we have more bacteria than other parts of the world, more careless health habits, witches, poverty, no love from the politicians at the top, untrained doctors, less medical tools to work with, bad roads, infected or damaged foods from no preservation methods, lack of it, or inadequacy of it? Do our people not deserve to see great great great grand children?
I am praying for us and I wish more can be done.