25 April, 2017

Buhari sends military to search home Catholic Bishop of Gboko

Buhari sends military to search home Catholic Bishop of Gboko

Military Search in the Catholic Bishop House was Barbaric, Diabolic and attack to all Christians.
Catholic bishop of Gboko Benue state reacted.
This is what happens when u have a one-sided government in place Today my house and the entire parish was turned inside out by the military in-search for weapons.
They say I keep weapons, for heaven sake, I don’t
do weapon. The Fulani herdsmen go about with
heavy weapons killing innocent people and never
a day has any one of them been harassed by the
military. There are instances where the military
have even assisted them to carry out their attacks
on Defenseless citizens. The soldiers we have in
this country are one sided. Why are they trying to
divide the very country they are called to defend
on religious line. Would they have done this to an
imam or the mosque?

Vesuwe Benjamin (Catholic Diocese of Gboko

09 March, 2017


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

EXPOSED! Lawmaker Raises Alarm Over Helicopter Supplies To Herdsmen In Delta (MUST READ)

Lawmaker Raises Alarm Over Helicopter Supplies To Herdsmen In Delta 

The lawmaker representing Ethiope East in Delta State House of Assembly, Evance Ivwurie, has raised alarm over fears that an unidentified helicopter was always landing inside the Ovre-Abraka desert of the state where thousands of herdsmen and their cattle reside. 

Ivwurie, who launched his Operation Arrest, Meet and Engage Their Sponsor, campaign against herdsmen in his constituency last year, described the desert land across the River Ethiope known as Ovre-Abraka as a time-bomb waiting to explode owing to the activities of herdsmen in the area. 

Making the disclosure during a security meeting with stakeholders of the area at Abraka, the lawmaker said information at his disposal indicates that the desert had become a safe haven for herdsmen numbering over 2, 000. 

He said: “If you go there, there are more than 5,000 cattle with more than 2,000 herdsmen dwelling in the place”. 

“They carry all kind of weapons and many unwholesome activities are going on there. I am aware of this and have taken the liberty to report the issue to the state government”. 

“In that place, a helicopter is always landing from time to time and we do not know what is going on there. The government needs to look into the issue critically because we fear that one of these days, the herdsmen may decide to cross the river and invade the community.”

26 February, 2017


"Sir I wish to draw your attention to the new dangerous twist to the unfortunate sickness of President Muhammadu Buhari being falsely perpetrated in our mosques which has the tendency to create serious anarchy in Katsina state.
Today Friday 24 February, 2017 at the Izala mosque, popularly called General Tsiga mosque on Katsina road in Funtua local government, the Imam, during the jumuat sermon, apologized to the congregation for coming late.
This, according to him, was because he was just out of a state meeting of the Izala sect in Katsina where they were accordingly informed and directed to inform all Muslims that the sickness of President Buhari was as a result of poisoning.
According to the Imam, malam Nasir Abdurrahman, Buhari was poisoned by those close to him because he has amassed over N70 trillion and they want to steal it. To steal it they must kill him and that was why they poisoned him.
This to him could be explained better by the sudden stoppage of Kano-Katsina dual carriage way which work stopped since the president became sick.
Malam Nasir continued by asserting that the same way Tafawa Balewa was killed was the same way Murtala Mohammed was killed and is the same way they want to kill President Buhari.
Enough is enough according to him as we are not going to accept that. This is the summary of the message he was directed to convey. I don't know if it was the same in all other Izala mosques across the state, but even if it was not I am scared of what will happen if we allow this lie and hate speech in our mosques to go unchecked.
Funtua is a hotbed of radicalism and has always been the boiling center of religious crises in the state. In 2011 after the presidential elections that then GMB lost to Jonathan, innocent Christian lives were lost and properties worth hundred of millions were lost.
All because of this kind of misleading sermons by our half literate imams. I had to confront General Buhari on this and sought for his participation in my effort at compensating the Christians who suffered loses as a result of that post election uprising.
He did not come but we still went ahead to compensate them in our own small way.
Now we are about to tread the same path all over again! If Buhari dies today, may Allah do what is right for him and us, what do you think will happen?
Innocent lives will be made sacrificial lambs of this loss more so if we consider the fact that, Prof Osinbajo, a Christian being the VP is the constitutional beneficiary of whatever outcome from this debacle.
Are we going to allow this to happen. I think people of conscience owe it a duty not to be silent in the face of this madness. Malam Nasir should tell us who poisoned President Buhari so that the law should take its natural course if he fails to do that he should be arrested and prosecuted for incitement.
How can somebody who has amassed N70 trillion want to borrow N17 trillion for which the National Assembly is yet to grant him that approval? Who is the fool here? They have lied to us in 2015 telling us that Buhari is superior to God and now that he is discovered to be human they want to make him God all over again! No way!
They have never shown us love, care or concern under this regime for all the hardship wrought on the common man and they now want to lead innocent souls to death and destruction.
We will not allow that. We have been misled far too much for far too long and it is time to expose these people for what they are, cheats and liers that think we are dumb.
If you do the right thing to nip this in the bud fine of you do not let it be on record that I have reported to you my fears.
Thank you very much! Osi, the above is a critical message to get out and counter this propaganda .We have sources confirming PMB has had unsuccessful surgery.
The outcome is unlikely to be positive. False stories need to be countered by the Government coming clean on his health status . They do not need to be specific .
This will reduce these conspiracy theories that need to be countered full on in order to reduce chances of unnecessary bloodshed".


 SOURCE çFebruary 24th, 2017).https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10155054762932210&id=62188827209

16 October, 2016

Buhari in German press

My cousin in Germany wrote this:
In a press conference with the German leader in Berlin, President Buhari in what might be perhaps his most stupid political blunder yesterday in Germany, in answering a reporters question on the role of his wife in his government, has this to say..." my wife belongs in my Kitchen and in my living room and other rooms" what a statement!  That was politically incorrect.
The ill adviced President totally forgot that he is standing next to  a woman who is a world leader.
Here in Germany as in the rest of Europe, the issue of  women's right is a delicate one as women have come a long way fighting inequality in both society and at work place. Without warning, a visibly angry Mrs Merkel  (the German Chancellor) quickly ended the press conference to save the President further embarrassment.
The emancipation of women in Europe is a civil rights issue, that is why feminist groups in Germany immediately reacted to his outing as a hate speech and demanded his exit from their territory. A German opposition leader called for his immediate expulsion from Germany, while a renowned German newspaper in its editorial, has this to say about our President.
He is simply a dumb leader, hailed as the Messiah of Africa's most populous democracy  after winning election in 2015. His agenda of fighting corruption which was given a blessing by the West, especially former colonial master, England is very unpopular in his country as citizens are more concerned about the economic hardship and joblessness to his fight for financial recovery. It went ahead to say, when it comes to world issues, the former general has little knowledge of events of the moment and hardly articulates.The more you listen to him, the dumber you become -; Hard words, but written with some elements of sincerity.
Germany has a woman as head of state. Germany has mother with eight children as defence minister, (comnander of a powerful millitary force) something unthinkable in most parts of the world especially, Africa. The notion here is that, girls can be everything including being President
As a Nigerian living here in Germany, it's a mixture of anger and frustration. Anger that my president would be viewed in this manner, frustrated because I know we Nigerians could do better. I know that there are better Nigerians from the North and South of our country that could have taken advantage of our ranking as the most populous and powerful black nation in the world, the largest economy in Africa (according to the world Bank), the country of the Wole Soyinkas, the Chinua Achebes and their likes in dealing with the rest of the world.
A Swedish journalist once described Nigeria as a crumbling giant. That was in 1999. The question is, was Nigeria once a giant? The answer will certainly not be given by these wounded generation.


15 October, 2016

Aso Rock


Demons living in ASP ROCK by REUBEN ABATI

People tend to be alarmed when the Nigerian Presidency takes certain decisions. They don’t think the decision makes sense. Sometimes, they wonder if something has not gone wrong with the thinking process at that highest level of the country. I have heard people insist that there is some form of witchcraft at work in the country’s seat of government. I am ordinarily not a superstitious person, but working in the Villa, I eventually became convinced that there must be something supernatural about power and closeness to it.

I’ll start with a personal testimony. I was given an apartment to live in inside the Villa. It was furnished and equipped. But when my son, Michael arrived, one of my brothers came with a pastor who was supposed to stay in the apartment. But the man refused claiming that the Villa was full of evil spirits and that there would soon be a fire accident in the apartment. He complained about too much human sacrifice around the Villa and advised that my family must never sleep overnight inside the Villa.

       I thought the man was talking nonsense and he wanted the luxury of a hotel accommodation. But he turned out to be right. The day I hosted family friends in that apartment and they slept overnight, there was indeed a fire accident. The guests escaped and they were so thankful. Not long after, the President’s physician living two compounds away had a fire accident in his home. He and his children could have died. He escaped with bruises.  Around the Villa while I was there, someone always died or their relations died. I can confirm that every principal officer suffered one tragedy or the other; it was as if you needed to sacrifice something to remain on duty inside that environment. Even some of the women became merchants of dildo because they had suffered a special kind of death in their homes (I am sorry to reveal this) and many of the men complained about something that had died below their waists too. The ones who did not have such misfortune had one ailment or the other that they had to nurse. From cancer to brain and prostate surgery and whatever, the Villa was a hospital full of agonizing patients.

         I recall the example of one particular man, an asset to the Jonathan Presidency who practically ran away from the Villa. He said he needed to save his life. He was quite certain that if he continued to hang around, he would die.  I can’t talk about colleagues who lost daughters and sons, brothers and uncles, mothers and fathers, and the many obituaries that we issued. Even the President was multiply bereaved. His wife, Mama Peace was in and out of hospital at a point , undergoing many surgeries. You may have forgotten but after her husband lost the election and he conceded victory, all her ailments vanished, all scheduled surgeries were found to be no longer necessary and since then she has been hale and hearty.  By the same token, all those our colleagues who used to come to work to complain about a certain death beneath their waists and who relied on videos and other instruments to entertain wives (take it easy boys, I don’t mean nay harm, I am writing!), have all experienced a re-awakening.

       Every one who went under the blade has received miraculous healing, and we are happy to be out of that place. But others were not so lucky. They died. There were days when convoys ran into ditches and lives were lost. In Norway, our helicopter almost crashed into a mountain. That was the first time I saw the President panicking, The weather was all so hazy and he just kept saying it would not be nice for the President of a country to die in a helicopter crash due to pilot miscalculations. The President went into a prayer mode. We survived. In Kenya once, we had a bird strike. The plane had to be recalled and we were already airborne with the plane acting like it would crash. During the 2015 election campaigns, our aircraft refused to start on more than one occasion. The aircraft just went dead. On some other occasions, we were stoned and directly targeted for evil. I really don’t envy the people who work in Aso Villa, the seat of Nigeria’s Presidency. For about six months, I couldn’t even breathe properly. For another two months, I was on crutches. But I considered myself far luckier than the others who were either nursing a terminal disease or who could not get it up.

    When Presidents make mistakes, they are probably victims of a force higher than what we can imagine. Every student of Aso Villa politics would readily admit that when people get in there, they actually become something else.  They act like they are under a spell. When you issue a well- crafted statement, the public accepts it wrongly. When the President makes a speech and he truly means well, the speech is interpreted wrongly by the public. When a policy is introduced, somehow, something just goes wrong. In our days, a lot of people used to complain that the APC people were fighting us spiritually and that there was a witchcraft dimension to the governance process in Nigeria. But the APC folks now in power are dealing with the same demons. Since Buhari government assumed office, it has been one mistake after another. Those mistakes don’t look normal, the same way they didn’t look normal under President Jonathan. I am therefore convinced that there is an evil spell enveloping this country.  We need to rescue Nigeria from the forces of darkness. Aso Villa should be converted into a spiritual museum, and abandoned.

    Should I become President of Nigeria tomorrow, I will build a new Presidential Villa: a Villa that will be dedicated to the all-conquering Almighty, and where powers and principalities cannot hold sway.  But it is not about buildings and space, not so?. It is about the people who go to the highest levels in Nigeria.  I really don’t quite believe in superstitions, but I am tempted to suggest that this is indeed a country in need of prayers, We should pray before people pack their things into Aso Villa. We should ask God to guide us before we appoint Ministers.  We should, to put it in technocratic language, advise that the people should be very vigilant. We have all failed so far, that crucial test of vigilance. We should have a Presidential Villa where a President can afford to be human and free. In the White House, in the United States, Presidents live like normal human beings. In Aso Villa, that is impossible. They’d have to surround themselves with cooks from their villages, bodyguards from their mother’s clans and friends they can trust. It should be possible to be President of Nigeria without having to look behind one’s shoulders. But we are not yet there. So, how do we run a Presidency where the man in the saddle can only drink water served by his kinsman?  No. How can we possibly run a Presidency where every President proclaims faith in Nigeria but they are better off in the company of relatives and kinsmen. No. We need as Presidents men and women who are wiling to be Nigerians. No Nigerian President should be in spiritual bondage because he belongs to all of us and to nobody.

   Now let me go back to the spiritual dimension. A colleague once told me that I was the most naïve person around the place. I thought I was a bright, smart, professional doing my bit and enjoying the President’s confidence.  I spelled it out. But what I got in response was that I was coming to the villa using Lux soap, but that most people around the place always bathed in the morning with blood. Goat blood. Ram blood. Whatever animal blood. I argued. He said there were persons in the Villa walking upside down, head to the ground. I screamed. Everybody looked normal to me. But I soon began to suspect that I was in a strange environment indeed. Every position change was an opportunity for warfare. Civil servants are very nice people; they obey orders, but they are not very nice when they fight over personal interests.

       The President is most affected by the atmosphere around him. He can make wrong decisions based on the cloud of evil around him. Even when he means well and he has taken time to address all possible outcomes, he could get on the wrong side of the public. A colleague called me one day and told me a story about how a decision had been taken in the spiritual realm about the Nigerian government. He talked about the spirit of error, and how every step taken by the administration would appear to the public like an error. He didn’t resign on that basis but his words proved prophetic. I see the same story being re-enacted. Aso Villa is in urgent need of redemption. I never slept in the apartment they gave me in that Villa for an hour.

Copied from Linda ikeji blog.

22 May, 2016

Mohammed Indimi: A fool and his money

Mohammed Indimi: A fool and his money - by Sunday Akoji

Mohammed Indimi: A fool and his money
Amouna and Hauwa, two daughters of Borno-born billionaire, Alhaji Mohammed Indimi graduated from the University of Lynn, in Florida, USA.
Their joyous billionaire father donated a $14 million (N4.2 billion) complex named after him as "Mohammed Indimi International Business Center" to Lynn University as part of the activities of the University Commencement Day.
This demagogue made his billions in Nigeria from oil wells his military dictator friend dashed him. 
He is the Chairman, CEO of Oriental Oil and Gas and he is reported as the tenth richest billionaire in Nigeria.
The Borno-born billionaire, Mohammed Indimi has never ever donated a plastic chair to the University of Maiduguri or any university in the Niger Delta; talk more of endowing a chair in any Nigerian university. 
But the irony is that he can afford to endow a chair and donate a $14 million complex to a US University, which by the way does not even need such gesture from him.
Hundreds of internally displaced people in Borno state need his Robinhood-like assistance from what he has stolen from the people. But whosai!
Ladies and gentlemen, this is how Nigerian elite underdeveloped Nigeria, with due apologies to Walter Rodney, the author of the book, "How Europe underdeveloped Africa."
Sunday Akoji
- See more at: http://elombah.com/index.php/opinion/7228-mohammed-indimi-a-fool-and-his-money-by-sunday-akoji#sthash.7t7nRYvB.dpuf