10 April, 2009

POLLUTION ...LAGOS (chukbyke)

Lagos .......Cars, Lorries, buses, random domestic wastes incineration, Electric generators, uncontrolled Indian and Chinese factories = one of the worst polluted cities in the world ...Eko city


Anonymous said...

People like you should come home and help us clean it up. You should not sit around in some city on the other side of the world pointing fingers and passing comments!
Christina (Lagos)

OKEY.CC said...

hey ehy ey take it easy...yours is the classical remark to all who are not resident at home. How do you know my residence ?I wouldn't mind coming home to clean the dirts you or anyone produce at any part of my beloved country.My conceren is to let people know that our behaviour has changed and have consequences.I am happy you accepted that.
... BTW do you notice that in the villages where most of us grew up that there were and still are many laws governing the environment etc and that those villages are still better places to live?I doubt if the cleaners of those villages come from other countries or people who ...'sit around in some city on the other side of the world.....'
I thought you would have asked me to suggest solutions
Happy easter .
chukbyke Okey C