10 August, 2008

Man United at Abuja

Things Got a Little Rowdy at the ManU-Pompey Match in Abuja

Rock-throwing at the ManU-Portsomuth match in Abuja

At the match between Portsmouth and Manchester United in Abuja two weeks ago, which allegedly netted each player a multi-million dollar bonus, some fans were (justifiably) angry about $20 tickets. So they started to throw rocks. Some policemen threw rocks back. Tear gas was used. A mini stampede began and a tall, somewhat gangly British reporter scaled a fence as if he were Jason Bourne. One civil defense guard was hit in the head with a rock and may have died. Then all the miscreants were inside the stadium, the frenzy was over, and the surprisingly small crowd sat back and enjoyed a poorly played match between two teams looking to collect their cash and get the hell out of there.

(culled from will Connors.com blog)

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