27 April, 2016

KILL AND GO IN ENUGU.. Fulani can...!!?

On the Genocide in Enugu that happened on the 25th April 2016 at 3.45am, over 50 dead more than 50 more still missing presumed dead,  these are QUESTIONS the Federal Government led by President Buhari MUST ANSWER.

1. Why has no fulani murderer been arrested since these massacres started over the last nine months? 

2. Why has NO cattle rearing farmer ( the people behind the herdsmen) been questioned? 

3. Why are the Army and DSS giving these murderers safe passage?

4. Why are community people arrested when they try to defend themselves? ( Agwu 76)

5. What happened to the 36 fully armed fulani herdsmen arrested on their way to Abuja? How did they disappear? 

6. Why did the Army troops and the police officers that were charged with protecting the UZO UWANI community in Enugu after it was clear an attack from the Fulani herdsmen was imminent suddenly disappear at 3am in the morning just moments before the fulani herdsmen attacked and committed their genocide and crimes against humanity?

Please share with all NIGERIANS and the World until the Federal Government answers these questions...

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