05 November, 2013

Bishop donates late father’s wealth to charity in Nsukka

Bishop donates late father’s wealth to charity in Nsukka

The Bishop of Nsukka Catholic Diocese, Rt. Rev. Professor Godfrey Onah,

on Saturday announced that the money in the bank account of his late father will be used for charity.
Bishop Onah, who spoke at the funeral mass for his late father, Mr. Gabriel Onah, at Imilike in Udenu Council Area of Enugu State, said the money would be used to pay school fees of indigent children in the area.
The late Gabriel Onah died on September 28, 2013 at the age of 99.
While reading a funeral oration on behalf of the family, Bishop Onah said the family took the decision because their father as a teacher had passion for education.
“My father as a teacher believed that education is necessary for everybody.
“As he liked riding bicycle, most times people in their jeep will stop to great him and remind him that he taught them in primary
“He was humble, godly and contented with
whatever he had. We will continue to showcase good virtues he instilled on us.
“My father was a disciplinarian who would not hesitate to flog any of
us when we went wrong”, he said.
He continued that “I stopped throwing away canes my father used to flog me, when I
discovered that the more I threw away the small one he used to flog me, the more he brought bigger canes for me.
“I started thinking that possibly without flogging of those days, I could have not become what I am today. No wonder the bible said ‘Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child’”.
Earlier in a homily by Rev. Fr. Fred Agu, he described life as a market where one buys and goes, battle field where one fights and goes and as a stage one performs and leaves the stage.
“What matters is how you buy, fight and perform while alive. We should all prepare because death must come for every person, the rich and poor, as well as old and young. What will earn us heaven is how we lived our life on earth”, he admonished.
Agu described the late Onah as “a teacher who was satisfied with his job as well as taught
children under him the importance of humility and fear of God.
“If he has not trained his children very well, it will be impossible for one of his sons to become a Catholic Bishop”.

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