09 August, 2012


Infinite emotions watching my beloved Rangers International of Enugu at their Stadium ( Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe stadium) Enugu. This was my first time after about 21 years I last saw them in this arena.
It was nice seeing the Rangers (or what remained of them and their supporters) in this era of Man U, Chelsea, Gunners, Barça, AS Roma, Milan, Inter, Juve, Bayern etc crazy in Nigeria.
It was nice seeing their early (first 5 min) goal like the Rangers I used to know years back.
It was also fun seeing the Enugu fans criticizing non-stop and shouting disappointments at the home team just like their fathers did in ‘70s and ‘80s. I start to think that this behaviour is in our (Enugu) DNA, just like the invocation of yellow cards, red cards and may be other invented colors at every foul on our flying antelopes. Hahahhah.
OOhhh one of those ‘FAN ice cream’ bicycles of 20 years ago or so was also there !!!!!
The only new phenomenon was the presence of numerous very BEAUTIFUL COAL CITY GIRLS in the stadium. From their faces I doubted if many were understanding the game …but one thing was certain; they were all watching and admiring the boys inside and outside the arena and the boys were admiring and watching the football game . What a paradox and pity!!!!!
Rangers won the match against The Sunshine Stars 3-0.
Good night.
Chukwubike OC

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Okey.Chukbyke C. said...

We are always ‘patriotically’ sharp, intellectual, egalitarian and sometimes unreasonable in criticizing those Nigerians that chose ( for now) other places not Nigeria as their residence ,but fall first shallow pit like this. We forget all our ‘patriotism’ and start the argument of globalization and the world being a village. Excuse me….. when was the last time any of us ‘football fans ‘ went to watch our local (clubs) boys play?
I was Nenwe ,Nike and oher Enugu suburbs last week-end and every thatched batcher in every village square had a Pay TV and crowds watching foreign matches., at the same period the Enugu Rangers international was playing a vital match but I was angered by the number of spectators ( just a a few thousands) : You will get madder when you come to hear that the gate fee was zero Naira to encourage the coal city fans.