13 October, 2011

Nigerian Immigration Service And Beneficiaries Of Harvested Human Spare Parts

By EKAIWE IGINUA OSEMWEKHA Last updated: 10/13/2011

ON the 22 September, 2011, the New Comptroller of Immigration, Edo State Command paid a courtesy visit to the Benin Monarch.

He intimated the monarch of the new wild dimension in human trafficking to include the harvesting of human kidney of illegal immigrants in a bid to making a living in Europe and other developed countries of the world.

For the Europeans who have been undergoing diaralaces without a donor of kidney, it is the best development that can happen in their demand of stay alive.

The Boko Haram syndicates affiliated to Al’Quada are systematically gathering steam of acceptability by some traditional rulers who gave land to them without suspecting their sinister motives. This Islamic extremist could eventually constitute themselves into an army of suicide attacks on the humdingers in the society.

The borders of Nigeria with Chad Republic, Niger and Camerouns are very porous, thus creating an easy passage way for some Al’Queda militants who are anti American and the United Nations.
These people have been brain washed to believe that for any successful attack made on western civilization and education, create an Ode to heavenly acceptability
The immigration also frown at the trafficking on children and women. A palace chief who will like to remain anonymous said; “Many children those days have been forced into unwanted labour due to poverty while some people are now bluffing with unmerited wealth stolen from state allocations. So, this type of restrained inequality is the driving force for under age labour.

Some European countries and America are enjoying prosperity, while hundreds of millions of Africans live in abject indigent.
God had created a universal world of great prosperity. The United Nation records states that some countries cannot consume all their products and it was estimated that in 2004, the aggregate total value of goods and services input in that year alone exceeds $65 trillion. If we are to spread this by aggregate world income per capital, it will amount to approximately $9,000 for every individual now living in this planet earth.

This so-called universal prosperity is a clog in the wheel of progress for mankind. With reference to the recent article by the United Nations, the money in the hands of just three persons is more than the aggregate gross domestic product of the forty eight most impoverished countries. It stated that many poor individuals eke a living by surviving on just $2 daily. Millions of those people have no access to portable drinking water and cannot afford one square meal a day.

The hazards posed by migrant Fulani cattle rearers who might have links with Boko Haram and Al’Queda cannot be under-estimated. In a bid to exploring areas for grazing their animals they move from the nook and crannies across the state. And in the course of this endless migration, the animals defecate in all their foot path.
Researchers have proved that animals waste contain similar bacterial as human waste. So, indiscriminate dump of cattle waste by the river bank could fast track bacterial mobility – to water consumers in the rustic environment.
About 80% of population today is without safe dependable water and the consequences are enormous. No fewer than a thousand people are killed annually through water related diseases, such as Bihazzia which afflict so many people, Filariases the world biggest causes of blindness affecting so many people in the northern parts of the country. Dysentery, cholera and typoid continues to destroy human lives. Contaminated water is usually responsible for the menance of those disastrous bacterials.

It had been confirmed by experts in their survey of many delvoeping countries that about 95% of all infant mortality could be avoided through safe water utility and refuse disposal by keeping our cattles in approved cattle ranches across the country.
Retrospectively,the Benin female youths and adults were becoming notorious by jumping Italian Immigraiton regulations. Their major concen was to join the band wagon of the successful Roman prostitutes. They were oblivious of the health hazards of such venture and many of them became afflicted with diverse sexual infections. So, many did not live to enjoy the so-called money they had acquired.

However, it should be abundantly clear that the Benin man is a very proud man and do not encourage their women to live such lives which is antitetical with our cultural valure.

In our youthful days, it was a taboo for a stranger to cross the leg of a married women seating down on a mat nor can a none member of the royal family touch the wrapper of the king.
So, when a Benin woman weds according to our native law and custom, it is a congregational prayer that God and our ancestors should join husband and wife as partners, that will become a shinning example to others who are yet to go into this life long institution and not to become a Roman prostitute.

When the senate president, Senator David mark, paid a courtesy visit to the Benin Moanrch on the 23rd September, 2011, he made a postivie remarks about the pragmatic actions taken by the Nigeiran Ambassador to Italy, Crown Prince eheneden Eradiauwa towards changing the negativ image of the Ngierian girls in Italy.

We are quite optimistic that before his tenure elapses there would be positive changes about the life style of our girls in italy.


Anonymous said...

Dear Editor Nigerianobservernews,
I wonder where this newspaper got’s facts. It will be very interesting if the come closer and talk to the Nigerian community in Italy especially the community in Rome Italy. Then they may be able to ask questions on or verify if it is true that;
1. the Nigerian embassy in recent years has never done, started o supported any project geared towards alleviating/addressing in any form the problems of the haphazard immigration of Nigerians in Italy as many Italian NGOs and other International organizations do. The mandate given to the present Ambassador while being posted here to italy was clear (read The Nigerian Guardian of Sunday Feb.17 2008 http://naijainworldview.blogspot.com/2008/07/fg-to-send-prince-erediauwa-to-italy.html )
2. There are more that 200.000 Nigerians in Italy and more that 70% of them are supposed get the ECOWAS E- passport in the Embassy. They should also ask why the average sum a Nigerian spend at the embassy to get this e passport is €400.00 against estimated €80.00 official cost. If you multiply 145.000 applicants by €400.00 it gives you €5,800,0000 (five million eight hundred thousands euro). This is the sum that rotates around the embassy courtesy of the ‘green gold’ as they call it in their embassy circle at Rome.
3. They newspaper will also be able to see and know why there are more touts at the Nigerian embassy Rome than at the CMS bus park in Marina Lagos or Obalande bus station of those days. It might be easy to try to liquidate this argument but it has been experimented by many. If you do not go through these ‘embassy agents’ you may have an appointment in 2013 December or come to Rome twice without success. Knowing that you might spend more than €400.00 in transportations ,hotel bills and days of absence on duty, you pay the ‘embassy agent’ TOUT his 400 to 500 euro he goes to ‘his man inside’ and everything is done in a flash your 2013 appointment has been converted to immediate action by your cash through the tout. The passport is even delivered to you by this ‘tout’ not even the embassy.
4. this news paper will also be able to ask ‘appropriate persons in appropriate quarters’ why there has never been any sort of formal or informal contact between the Nigerians (not Edo community) residing in Rome and H.E. the ambassador since his arrival years ago. Ask also why He declined to attend his welcome festival by the community and all the Independence anniversary celebrations the community invited him since he never invite the entire community to anything as his predecessors used to do.
5. Ask how many Nigerians are in Italian jails as of date.
6. Editor; ask if prostitutions by Nigerians has decreased or increased and why?
7. Ask people concerned how many unaccompanied Nigerian minors are in Italy especially underage (minors) mainly from Edo state prostituting here in Italy.
8. ask if their exploiters (MADAMS and their boys) are known or unknown.

With this, Mr. editor I rest my pen and wait for other persons in the community to give you some more clues on the questions to ask.

Anonymous said...

FG To Send Prince Erediauwa To Italy
Sunday, February 17, 2008
FG To Send Prince Erediauwa To Italy

The complexion of the designation of Nigeria's ambassadors being posted out now has started to emerge.

The Guardian has confirmed by the weekend that Benin crown prince, Eheneden Erediauwa is being sent to Italy. He had served as Nigeria's plenipotentiary to Sweden and Angola.

Diplomatic sources confirmed that the Prince is now awaiting his agreement from Rome. The request for Agreement was sent almost three weeks ago.

The need to resurrect a positive image for Nigeria, historical antecedents as well as strengthening the war against human trafficking are said to be the factors that determined which of the ambassadors-designates is to be sent to Italy.

Edo State is reputed to have the highest number of Nigerians who have been trafficked to Italy within the last two decades.

A high-level foreign ministry source, who responded to The Guardian's enquiry, said, " Government has done its own home work. The ancient Benin kingdom used to exchange ambassadors with Portugal in the 16th and 17th centuries and had contacts with the Dutch before the British people came. We needed someone who can completely fulfill the mandate in Italy. It is citizens' diplomacy at work..."

Last week, the Italian government, through its embassy in Abuja, signed an agreement with Nigeria on "Preventing and combating trafficking of minors and young women from Nigeria to Italy (Phase 2)"

The Nigerian community in Italy has doubled in the last five years (11,378 in 1998, 19,505 in 2002, up to 24,986 in 2003)