11 August, 2011

Corporate accountability | Amnesty International

Corporate accountability

Stop corporate abuse in the Niger Delta

Corporations frequently exploit the weak regulatory systems in many poor countries, making people living in poverty some of the most vulnerable to corporate human rights abuses.
People living in the oil-producing areas of Nigeria’s Niger Delta have seen their human rights undermined by an industry that their government cannot or will not hold to account. Oil pollution has damaged traditional livelihoods such as fishing and agriculture, put people’s health at risk and undermined access to safe food and clean water. Many victims have not had access to justice or redress.
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Clean up the oil industry in the Niger Delta
Urge Nigeria’s newly-elected President to commit to a comprehensive clean-up of pollution in the Niger Delta. His public support will push the oil industry to address the devastating impact of their bad practice.
The Nigerian government has a duty to protect the people of the Niger Delta from the impact of pollution – tell the President to effectively regulate the oil industry.
Nigeria’s government must hold the oil companies to account. The oil companies must clean up their act.

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Corporate accountability | Amnesty International

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