05 May, 2009


“…. I am Resident in Abuja . I bought a new refrigerator since 10 days but no electricity to see if it is functioning. The current came for 10 minutes yesterday but couldn’t start the new fridge because of ‘low/half current’;Nigerians will

understand this jargon.

Is it advisable to inform the dealer of this ‘no current issue’ so that the guarantee date starts on whatever month electricity returns to Abuja and Nigeria in general….?”


Danny BaGucci said...

LOL.. Maybe by properly engaging the saleman and explaining the reasoning behind your thinking.. he might just be convinced... hillarious btw..

Anonymous said...

My bros, thats the situation we ve been in these days. What a shame! Pray th rebranding actually rebrands our public power supply that has been "Holding the Power" to themselves. God save us! ....