31 August, 2008

Nigerian Dwarf goats withstanding the cold weather?

Aug 27

We are getting a goat and was wondering how well they could withstand the cold winter?

I raise Nigerians and we have very bitter/snowy winters here. I have never had a problem from the cold, however what concerns me is that you say you are getting "a goat". A single goat will get a lot colder than a pair or more. On cold nights they like to pile up close to each other for warmth. It's also important that they have a shelter that will keep them dry and out of cold wind. Put some straw down for them to snuggle in. I know it sounds gross, but you should clean your shelter a lot less often in the winter than in the summer, because the manure will generate heat. Just keep clean bedding on top so the goats stay dry.

Another problem with having "just one goat" is that most goats are miserable when left alone. It's actually easier to care for 2 than for 1. A lonely goat can get so stressed that it can cause depression and sickness, and one goat is next to impossible to keep confined because they are always trying to get out and seek companionship. I highly recommend getting two!

Nigerians make awesome pets, and their small size and wide range of colors make them appealing to a lot of people. Good luck!


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