27 July, 2008


(ANSA)Two Nigerian children die on boat trying to reach Italy:

26/07/2008 18:09

Two Nigerian children aged two and four died trying to reach Italy on a boat carrying 75 illegal immigrants, Italy's Ansa news agency said Saturday.

The bodies of the two children were thrown into the sea, their father told the crew of an Italian coast guard launch that rescued the group.According to the father, his two-year-old son began vomiting during the night soon after their boat left. He died soon after. His four-year-old sister later died of dehydration, Ansa reported.

The father said he was travelling alone with his children.The boat, a large rubber dinghy carrying 75 passengers, was picked up Saturday by the Italian coast guard south of the island of Lampedusa in the Strait of Sicily.

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Chukwubike Okey Charles said...

It is really disheartening that these suicides/massacres continue without our governments doing much to stop them.

It is just very easy for our government officials or anyone from their comfortable homes or table in Nigeria to criticize this migration process without thinking why has the trend continued notwithstanding all the dangers connected to it.
Media campaign against haphazard or illegal emigration is necessary though we all know that is not enough in a society where other social force or factors that cause the 'movement' are not addressed in anyway.

I just came back for the week end after a weeks work in one of those UNHR/ Italian Min of Internal Affairs identification camps (refugee camps) in an Island between Italy and Libya. I can only assure you that new people in tis job need good psychoanalysis to come to terms with themselves after hearing stories and seeing the situations of our brothers/sisters.

We all need to educate those still at home on on the way about the hazards in this suicide trip.Giving them the true pictures/ situation about the conditions in Europe; which is not really rosy as most people believe, helping those that can migrate legally to Europe and finally giving full solidarity to our needy ones at home as much as we can.

It might interest you to know that only 20% of those who left Nigeria really enter Europe. A lot die in the desert, many die in the Arab countries especially Libya where they are used and exploited like animals. A good percent get drowned in the Mediterranean sea. The fishermen are complaining so much that their business is being disturbed by so many bodies that obstruct their nets (doesn't this give you goose flesh?.
The little who finally enter here see a good number of them refused political asylum(Aduro)i.e international protection according to the Geneva convention because they do not really have good reasons for this type of escape from Nigeria.
The bail is a little in our hands ; to inform our people of the right things to do.
I wish all a Happy Sunday.
Charles Okey. Chukwubike
(Roma Italia)