12 July, 2008

"Cults - Nigeria"

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July 2005
In Nigeria, University fraternities have taken on brutal extremes. Students are being murdered and defiled with impunity by vicious cult members.

'It was a baptism of fire' recalls vice chancellor of University Benin. 'They cut his head open and flipped it -- like a cap, so that the brain matter and everything splattered around the building'. Over 80 Nigerian students have died in gruesome attacks by cult members in the last two years. No-one has ever been convicted. Cultists are often found to be children of prominent Nigerians and are often used by the regime itself to intimidate, maim and kill opponents. Cult leader, Meyer, explains how he uses the police to exact revenge on his opponents: 'We guide the police, pick them out to get them killed'. Universities are supposed to be the future of developing nations but a vocal minority here are trying to keep Nigeria in the Dark Ages.

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